Health100 by Ida Brink

I am Ida Brink. I am a Wellness Coach supporting people of all ages to regain the best health they can


I do have a special interest in women over 40 years who want to improve their health, boost their energy levels and learn to love their bodies again.

For a free 20 minute Health and Blood Sugar Assessment plus my top five best health tips, click link.

Nutrition and Weight loss

Zest4life Nutrition and Weight loss Programs.

The focus is on Lifestyle and Wellness Coaching. Facilitates one on one sessions as well as the choice between smaller and larger groups.

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Wellness Screening

Is done using the Qmi (Quantum Matrix Information Analyser).

Screening is done within a couple of minutes. A personalised program, addressing concerns / imbalances in the body is compiled. This can then be used to focus on improving the quality of health

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Biofeedback screening and balancing via a Biofeedback device - Indigo (Scio)

The Biofeedback Program makes use of electromagnetic frequencies to create a biofeedback loop between the device and the client's body. Training is done to balance the body and focuses mainly on stress and pain management.

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